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At Canary, we believe that CBD can revolutionize your skin health. For that reason, we’ve formulated our clean, organic skin care products around our cannabinoid-rich hemp oil. Crafted with care, from responsibly sourced ingredients, our products are designed to preserve health and balance while promoting confidence and radiance.

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What the Experts Say About CBD and Skincare

People are going bananas for CBD skincare products – here’s why!

Our Products

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Our skin care products are designed to lead the fight when it comes to protecting and preserving the health of your skin. Think of our CBD-rich, antioxidant products as the way to fend off cellular damage caused by pollution, smoke, UV rays, and other factors that cause free radical production and long-term damage, all while delivering nutrients that help to optimize the look, feel, and potential of your skin.

Gretchen Lidicker,
author & contributor

Hemp Ed

All your Hemp & CBD questions—Answered

Confused about hemp, CBD, cannabis, and everything in between? You’re not alone—and you’ve come to the right place! We’re dedicated to building trust and educating our community on our products and the plant they’re derived from. To make this happen, we’ve enlisted the help of Gretchen Lidicker, scientist, journalist, and author of the book CBD Oil: Everyday Secrets to create our very own Education Center.

Ready to become your own CBD expert?

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Our Philosophy

Caring for your skin is a long game, meaning the care you take today will have long-term benefits, so we want to make sure our formulations are perfect! While we put the finishing touches on our clean formulas, here are a few things we want you to know:

• Our ingredients are plant based, our products are clean and our formulations are thoughtful.

• It’s our absolute intention to deliver skincare that will deliver high-impact results.

• We will offer complete transparency about our ingredients, including the exact amounts of CBD included in our products.

And…if you ever have any questions, Just ask! It’s likely you aren’t the only one wondering!

The Canary Team

Canary is a clean skincare company focused on transparency and education, social good, and transforming skin health with only the highest quality, truly effective hemp products.

Monica and Colleen are friends and entrepreneurs who have a goal to create the most trusted brand of high-quality CBD skincare products. Our products are designed thoughtfully to support wellness and balance for skin, while working together to create happiness and confidence for humans.

Colleen McCord

Monica Lubbert

If you want to learn more about us and what we care about – take a look at our Manifesto.

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