At Canary it’s in our DNA to appreciate diversity in ways that help us understand the world through perspectives other than our own. We want to reimagine what a business might look like when we thoughtfully bring together people with differing points of view and human experiences. We strive to represent this ethos in our business, our brand and our products.

Our dedication to formulation centers around clean, bio-preferred, plant-based ingredients that are thoughtfully procured. Our products are also formulated through a technology lens so that we can offer unique, on-of-a-kind products that deliver results. We bring you the best of both worlds – where nature meets technology.  

Another thing about us: we protect fiercely, we provide feedback thoughtfully, we act responsibly, and we lead with trust and transparency. Sure we make mistakes – but we learn, recalibrate and move on.

It’s a lot to strive for. Sometimes we feel like a gang of superheroes out to change the world through skincare. We know it sounds lofty. But we want our level of care to shine through. So, somewhere along the way If you feel like you’ve landed on the outside, remember that you are not alone. Because at Canary we always have room for you. You can always sit with us.

Things we care about:
We are lucky that we get to spend time talking about skincare and anti-aging (though we dislike this term), it’s a luxury that many people might not have. We want to be considerate of this fact, which is why we choose to support these organizations: Having a facial difference can impede the basic functions a child needs to survive and grow, and those affected often experience social isolation or even bullying. Creating a world where everyone is treated fairly whatever their face looks like.

We also think the world can be kinder, and this organization agrees: Bullying Prevention Program – BE A BYSTANDER WITH COURAGE. Stand up, Step in, and Speak out. Get caught doing the right thing.


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