At Canary Skincare & Apothecary, we’re here for more than skincare. We want to reimagine what it means to be a forward-thinking business and brand and challenge the current state of the self-care and beauty industry. We care more about health, wellness and longevity than we do about “anti-aging” (BTW, we dislike this term). We speak the language of self-care, self-love and confidence, and we aren’t about conforming to standards. Our one-of-a-kind formulas center around clean, bio-preferred, plant-based ingredients that deliver results and support healthy, happy skin.

Our Values

Trust and Transparency: Our goal as a brand is to earn and honor your trust. You’ll never see us keeping secrets behind closed doors or trying to trick you with marketing – ask us anything! We’re bound to make mistakes along the way, but we’re open to your feedback! We strive to learn, recalibrate and move on.

Sustainability: We believe in treading softly—and we recognize how substantial a footprint skincare brands can leave behind. That’s why our products are bio-preferred (composed of renewable agricultural materials, our shipping materials are fully recyclable or compostable, and we’re working toward fully recyclable packaging – this is the most difficult part!). We strive to represent an ethos of sustainability in our business, our brand and our products.

Perspectives: Between the people we partner with and the creators we collaborate with, our goal is always to thoughtfully bring together people with differing points of view and life experiences.  

Being good humans: We consider ourselves fortunate that we get to spend time talking about products and how best to future-proof our skin, it’s a luxury that many people might not have. We want to be considerate of this fact, which is one reason why we choose to support these organizations: Having a facial difference can impede the basic functions a child needs to survive and grow, and those affected often experience social isolation or even bullying. Creating a world where everyone is treated fairly whatever their face looks like.

We also think that learning kindness starts early in life, and this organization agrees: Bullying Prevention Program – BE A BYSTANDER WITH COURAGE. Stand up, Step in, and Speak out. Get caught doing the right thing.


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