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Introduction To The Cannabis Plant CBD Oil Buyer’s Guide Your Guide to Extraction Methods and Testing How to use CBD for Beauty and Skincare All your CBD Questions – Answered! Glossary of Terms 1. Introduction To The Cannabis Plant:​ When you hear the word “cannabis” what first comes to mind? If it’s a mental image

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Why Men Should Care About Their Skincare, Too

When we say “skincare,” what first pops into your mind? If it’s an image of a woman standing at her sink applying layers of creams, oils, and serums to her face, you’re not alone. For far too long, skin care has been thought of as a woman-only part of life.  But the truth it, men

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CBD for Acne: Here’s What We Know

If you’ve ever had acne, you already know it can be a stubborn condition. It plagues teenagers and adults alike, all over the world, of all genders, for a variety of different reasons; reasons that can be difficult to pin down and address. And because it’s not life-threatening, acne doesn’t always get the attention it

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Water Versus Oil-Based Skincare? Here’s What You Need To Know

Choosing a skincare product can give even the most decisive person a case of decision paralysis. You know the feeling: It’s that overwhelming sensation that you have so many options, it feels like you have no options.  Luckily, sorting products into larger categories — like water-based and oil-based — can help you narrow things down. But

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How CBD Acts As An Antioxidant In Skin Care, According To A Dermatologist

Just a few years ago, if you told a crowd of people about a CBD-infused face serum you love, you’d be met with a sea of confused faces. “CB-what?!” they would have said. These days, CBD skincare products are everywhere—serums, cleansers, oils, and masks all included—and everyone knows about its beneficial antioxidant properties.  But what

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